Google Chrome Plug-in for ANC-EM Users (aim: translates the full Main-Menu from Korean to English) - v0.3.0


  1. Because this solution approach is a plug-in for a specific browser, you must use Google's Chrome browser: get it here
  2. After installing Chrome, get to the Chrome Web Store's showcase for the plug-in: here
  3. After installation is complete, you should see the button with the 'A' in ANC logo on the top-right of the browser, like this:
  4. Go to ch2ch web-application
  5. Log-in normally
  6. When you see the home-screen fully loaded, click on the button on the top-right
  7. The translation is loaded (if it doesn't work at first, please try it one more time)
  8. Continue using ch2ch as usual


version 0.3.0 - delivered February 18, 2012

version 0.2.1 - delivered January 23, 2013

version 0.1 - delivered January 7, 2013